Pier & Beam Foundation Problems

Natural Wear & Tear

Pier and beam foundations are most often found under older homes, and repairing them is our specialty. There was a time when large 12” diameter cedar posts were used under homes. Cedar is a long-lasting wood, but unfortunately, it does not last forever. Cedar will eventually succumb to insect damage and rot, which will harm the overall structural integrity of the home.

Pier and post foundations can also be affected by shifting subsoil, just like slab foundations. This means that concrete piers can suffer cracks from settling over time. Integrating rebar or wire mesh into the concrete can help prolong its life.

At Allen’s Foundation, our specialty is repairing pier and beam foundations. Please call (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020 San Antonio, TX if you suspect a foundation issue on your pier and beam home today!

Water Under the Home

Water that collects under your home is a major cause of foundation instability. The land around your home should be graded in such a way to encourage rainwater to flow away from your home’s foundation, and downspouts should also be used and positioned away from the home. Besides causing the clay subsoil to expand and contract excessively, standing water can also lead to mold problemsand even attract certain disease-carrying pests.

We are experts in Drainage Correction and further repairs to correct your foundation and keep your home safe. Please call (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020 San Antonio, TX today for your free foundation evaluation!

Our Pier & Beam Foundation Solutions

Only the highest-quality materials should be used in foundation repair. Did you know that all concrete is not created equal? For a strong pier and beam foundation, high-density concrete blocks should be used to form the piers.

When low-density concrete is used, there are too many air pockets within the concrete, which means the blocks are weaker overall. The recommended dimension of concrete blocks for pier foundations is 8” X 8” X 16”. Anything smaller may not be sturdy enough to support your home.

Our three main repair techniques for pier and beam structures:

  • Concrete Footing
  • Cedar Post Pier
  • Block & Pad Pier
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