Keeping Your Mobile Home Stable

When mobile homes are first transported to their new location, they are placed directly on the ground and supported by a steel frame. This leaves them very vulnerable to shifting due to natural ground settlement.

An un-level mobile home may have a noticeable problem, such as a floor that clearly slopes in one direction or leaves you feeling as though you are walking downhill. The siding may also be cracked. Other times the signs are more subtle, such as a door that swings open or doesn’t close properly. Call (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020 San Antonio, TX if you have noticed any of these tell-tale signs or would like us to provide our Fair & Honest Foundation Evaluation.

As a general rule, mobile homes need to have their supports adjusted every three to five years. When done on a regular basis by a professional, this is not an expensive process and works to keep major problems at bay. Our one-day releveling process is suitable for single and double wide homes.

Call us today to schedule your next mobile home foundation inspection or appointment at (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020 San Antonio, TX!

Mobile Homes

Releveling Required to Qualify for Home Loans!

For your mobile home to qualify for VA, FHA and Conventional Home Loans, retrofitting and releveling is required. Allen’s Foundation is one of the few foundation repair companies in South Central Texas to specialize in retrofitting and releveling. Call (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020 San Antonio, TX today! We are prepared to meet the strict guidelines required for home loans, and to work within tight deadlines to help you close the deal.