Buyers/Sellers/Investors – Fair & Honest Foundation Evaluation

Buying, selling, or investing? We want you to feel confident that you’re making the best choice, so we welcome you to ask questions or raise concerns at (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020 San Antonio, TX or in-person. We love offering our Fair & Honest Foundation Evaluation and are happy to educate you about how and why we do our work.

The $250 Fair & Honest Foundation Evaluation cost will be credited back to you upon the completion of any necessary work.

Our Fair & Honest Foundation Evaluation goal is to determine:

  • Where movement is occurring in your foundation.
  • Why the movement is occurring.
  • Which repair method best suits your home and your budget.
  • An estimated cost of the total project.
  • And yes, sometimes we do get to tell homeowners that they do not actually need foundation repair!

Call us today at (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020 San Antonio, TX to schedule your Fair & Honest Foundation Evaluation or fill out the form below!

Fair & Honest Foundation Evaluation

New Foundations

Although we specialize in pier & beam foundations, we are fully equipped to prepare your new home with the best type of foundation for your area and structure. You can rest easy in knowing that we always give an accurate and honest evaluation and estimate; 100% of the time. We will never charge you for more services than you need and every foundation that we lay is built to last.

For the best new foundation in South Central Texas, call Allen’s Foundation at (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020 San Antonio, TX.


Drainage Correction

From soil erosion, dangerous structural instability, and even termite infestations, improper drainage can cause many foundational and structural problems for your home. Luckily, Allen’s Foundation has years of experience in correcting these issues while repairing your foundationProper drainage can save you thousands of dollars in future damage costs.


Please call (512) 703-0020 Austin, TX or (210) 545-0020San Antonio, TX if you think you may need drainage correction for your home. We have a knowledgeable staff who understand the importance of proper drainage and will not only repair any damage but equip you in a friendly and helpful manner.